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About us
since 1972”

Italian Bath Concept is a company operating the manufacturing sector, through the transformation of the wood and its derivatives producing bathroom furniture. The company was founded in 1979 by the family Varriale and its mission has always been to produce furniture and decor for the bathroom with products featuring a sophisticated design always close to the needs of its qualified customers.

Italian Bath Concept, has always paid attention to scientific progress in the industry and strives to use the best technology and materials on the market in its products.

Italian Bath Concept

Products 100% made in italy

Italian Concept Bath sets at the top of its goals the satisfaction of its customers, aware that the real company assets lies in the excellence of its customers. All workers contribute to meet the company’s goals with excellence in performance. Overall, the company employs about 40 people each specializing in different processes.

The aim of the company is to test and constantly innovate their production through the creation of a laboratory that responds to changes in an increasingly dynamic and demanding society.




All electrical components and accessories comply with European directives on electrical safety (73/23 and 93/68) and electromagnetic compatibility (89/336).


It is a medium density fiber board (Medium density fibreboard).
consists of many fragments of wood, refined to be processed into pulp fibers and then linked to the bag or water.
E ‘ecological as obtained from scraps of wood.

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The furniture frames are made of Idropan V100 to protect from humidity. The components supplied is of the highest quality and the guides, retractable, are with soft closing with capacity up to 30kg.


Is a semi-finished laminated panel, made by gluing several layers of wood, alternating the direction of the grain (usually Spruce, Larch, Pine, Douglas fir). They can be covered on the surface with a layer of precious wood. It can be disposed as solid wood.


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